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Scamp is a 8 year old lab mix, nearly white, rescued from her neglectful owner at three weeks old, where she was starving to death because she had a broken leg.
Corky, is Scamp's sister, and a deep blue-black lab mix.  We got her when she was 8 weeks old, because she was the last of her litter, and the owner planned to dump her alongside the highway.
Dusty came to live with us in July, 2007.  He is a neutered male Australian Shepherd/ Lab Mix.  My son and his family could only take one of their dogs to their new duty station in Texas. 
Occy & Xena are 5 year old yellow lab/shepherd mixes who came to live with us in February 2007.  Their owner had medical problems and was forced to give them up.
At the advanced age of 19, Stormy, our golden retriever/collie mix had to be put down due to failing health.  She is missed, but I know she is waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, young and playful again, and out of pain.
At the age of 16, Dakota, our Border Collie/ Lab mix,  had the vet assist her across the Rainbow Bridge.  She had either had a stroke or a brain tumor, according to our vet. 
About the Bandannas:
All bandannas offered here are NEW.  I make them myself.  Slight variation in pattern may occur from that shown due to the nature of the design on fabric and the pattern layout.
If I'm out of stock:
I have a limited amount of each fabric.  If I am out of your choice, you will have the option of making another selection or getting a refund.  I will contact you by e-mail.
Payment Info:
Online, I accept PayPal payments  - you do NOT have to have an account with PayPal to complete the transaction.  You can also call the store and do credit card by phone, or mail me a check - call for my mailing address.

E-mail the store

Puparazzi Manteo, NC 27954